Life Insurance in New YorkLife Insurance Pleasantville, NY

Often times, even with the best intentions, some of the most important things that we mean to do in our lives constantly get put on hold. However, life insurance is one of those things that can be devastating to a family if it’s not in place at the time of a loved one’s death. And with the new health care law, businesses might not understand their exact duty when it comes to the health insurance they are required to off their employees or how to comply with all aspects of the law. That’s where we come in.

We want to make the process of obtaining life insurance or complying with the health care law as simple and straightforward as possible for our customers. And because of our partnership with George Papanicolaou with Strategies for Wealth, that’s exactly what we can do.

Due to this partnership with we are able to offer life and health insurance both personally, and to businesses! Don’t keep putting off this important coverage. Call us today to have our partner help you through this process!