How To Safely Use Your Grill

There is no such thing as a summer without a backyard grill shared with family, friends, and neighbors. Make sure that your get-together this summer is memorable for being a fun event by paying close attention to safety. Thousands of accidents occur every year, ranging from painful burns to fire damage, simply because homeowners fail to take proper precautions. With that in mind, we just wanted to share a few tips on how to safely host your cook-outs this summer.

Tips For Charcoal Grills

The right technique with a charcoal grill is essential for avoiding burns from fires that can reach temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees.

  • Never add lighter fluid directly to hot coals and never combine charcoal with gasoline or kerosene.
  • To handle coals, use flame-retardant mitts and long barbecue tongs
  • Once you have finished grilling, either leave ashes to cool down for at least 48 hours before disposing of them in a non-combustible container or pick up each coal in turn and place it in a can of sand or water.

Tips For Gas Grills

  • Before you use your gas grill for the first time this year, check the hoses for leaks with a soap and water solution. Bubbles signal a propane leak, and you should turn the gas straight off. If bubbles continue after you have switched off your grill, call the fire department. Otherwise, take your grill for servicing with a professional. Be aware that hoses can also start to leak while you are cooking. If you smell gas, step away from the grill and call the fire department. Don’t touch anything.
  • You can avoid problems by utilizing proper storage techniques, such as by keeping propane tanks stored upright out of the house. After refilling propane tanks, bring them straight home to reduce the time they spend in your hot car.

General Grilling Tips

Both types of grills must only be used outdoors to avoid the inhalation of odorless carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Before firing up your grill, check that it is clean and in good working order. Place it on a flat surface away from flammable materials, like the wood of bushes, trees, or fences, and out of the reach of children.

As always, If you haven’t reviewed your insurance in quite some time, it would be a good idea to make sure your house has proper coverage on it, and you have enough liability, just in case there’s a significant accident that causes damage to your home or injury to a guest.

Happy grilling!

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