Our History

George A. Bell & Son, Inc. is a full service property and casualty, independent insurance agency serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and various other states. Founded in 1880 as Bell Brothers Fire Insurance, we continue to be a family owned agency, with the fifth and sixth generations currently continuing the legacy of what those brothers started. We value ourselves on quality insurance, top notch customer service, and a focus on making sure our clients get the best value for their money. Every day we truly feel that make a difference in our customers lives. How? By helping to protect what’s most valuable to them. Obviously there’s much more to life than what we own, but we work hard to get the things we have. It’s a proud moment in anyone’s life when they buy their first car, their first house, or finally open that business they’ve always wanted to start. We’re just happy to be able to help protect these things that our customers work hard for. So please give us a call or stop by, we look forward to the opportunity to make you part of our family!